Why And How Often You Need To Clean Your Chimney?

While, cleaning your house is not an uncommon sight to see, the majority of house owners often overlook fixtures outside your house. This includes the roof as well. If you fall in the same category, it is high time that you include cleaning your chimney in the list. Since chimneys have an integral role to play in maintaining the overall atmosphere of your house, hiring a smoke chamber repair service is of prime importance and should not be missed.

Before you learn how often you should clean your chimney, it is important that you know why it is necessary to clean regularly. It is mainly due to safety reasons. An unclean chimney is a leading cause that further heightens the chances of heating fires and irregular smoke emission.


How Can Unclean Chimneys Lead To Fires?

If you have neglected cleaning your roof chimneys for a long time, you might witness the accumulation of creosote. This is essentially an oily substance that stacks up over time on the inside walls of the chimney.

Extreme heat, a common thing for chimneys to deal with, on the creosote, can further give rise to a fire. These fires are quite dangerous since they have easy access from the chimney directly to the interiors of your house.

Not only that, but unclean chimneys can also create blockages, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be quite dangerous as it is not very evident in the beginning. With time you might come across uneasy breathing, which can later lead to health and respiratory issues.


Should You Clean Your Chimneys Every Day?

Even though there is no harm in cleaning the chimneys of your house every day, it is quite unnecessary. Accumulation of creosote and carbon monoxide poisoning are both instances that occur over time and not in a single day. So by hiring a professional service to clean your chimney every day, you will only end up wasting your money.

However, this does not mean you neglect cleaning the chimneys years on end. The appropriate timing for cleaning chimneys is once a year. It is best if you hire an efficient and capable leaking roof flashing repair for the same as they can both inspect and clean your chimneys properly. They are qualified and have the required experience to ensure all complications are taken care of. Some of the easy indicators of when it is time to clean your chimney are:

Table of contents:

  • When creosote and soot tend to fall inside the firebox
  • Creosote build-up is noticeable in a honeycomb texture on the inside
  • The creosote accumulation is more than 1/8 inch thick
  • A lot of artificial logs are burnt
  • You use the fireplace quite often
  • You use unseasoned or green firewood

How Can You Keep Your Chimney Clean For A Longer Time?

Although there are quite a few chimney cleaning services available in the community, their services might be quite costly. Even an annual servicing can add up a lot of expense to your budget. However, once you have cleaned your chimney, there are some easy ways that can help you keep it cleaner for a longer time. Mentioned here are some of the best ways.

Table of contents:

  • Use Clean Wood:

Wood burning is not only the most important function of a chimney but also the highest contributor to soot. This is why the first thing you should do is ensure that you always use clean and dry wood, especially hardwoods. This kind has the least sap, which in turn takes a lot of time to clog up the chimney. On the other hand, burning unseasoned wood further quickens creosote build-up, making it necessary for you to call cleaning services.

  • Clean The Ashes:

The fireplace ash is an important thing to pay attention to. There is a lot of debate when it comes to deciding if you should remove the ash from the fireplace at all. The safest thing to do is to leave at least an inch of ash. This can further help you build a fire faster for the next time, lessening the build-up.

  • Lessen Creosote Build-Up:

Even though there is no absolute way of omitting creosote build-up in the chimney, you can always slow down the process. There are a number of commercial products available in the market that can help you with this. These products are mainly found in liquid form, so all you have to do is squirt it inside the chimney.


These are some easy ways you can maintain your chimney efficiently. However, even with these procedures, getting your chimney inspected every year is necessary. A regular check-up can help you avoid any mishap that might be in store. Rest assured, with a trusted service, there is nothing you need to worry about.



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