Repair Flashing Around Chimney: What to Learn?

Homes with chimneys need more maintenance than houses that don’t feature a chimney. In case you have encountered the chimney leak or observed strains inside the firebox, it’s probably time for chimney flashing repair or replacement. In this particular post, let’s learn the signs that indicate when to repair flashing around chimney. But before that, here’s a rundown of what chimney flashing is all about.


An Introduction to Chimney Flashing

flashing is typically a type of roof flashing which creates a waterproof seal. Its main objective is to protect the chChimney imney &roof from water damage &penetration. Chimney flashing functions as the weather stripping & gets manufactured of three significant types:

  • Sep flashing
  • Counter flashing (or cap flashing)
  • Base flashing

These parts combined with caulk create awaterproof seal.When the chimney flashing starts leaking, it indicates serious damage to the roofing, attic, and interior rooms.Flashing gets installed at the point where a chimney meets the roof. It gets manufactured out of aluminum, vinyl, steel, or copper, depending on the surrounding climate and roofing.


Signs That Indicate It’s the Right Time to Repair the Chimney Flashing


A roof flashing that gets properly installed can last around 30 years. Lifespan gets determined by surrounding parameters such as:

  • The place you reside
  • The size &shape of your chimney
  • The materials used for making it
  • The year when the house got constructed

The year when the house got constructed

The signs that indicate it’s time to opt for leaking roof flashing repair services:

  • When the chimney starts leaving from the outside or inside
  • When you get evidence of dripping or strange sounds coming from inside
  • Rust stains
  • Discolored bricks
  • Water stains on the interior ceilings and walls adjoining it
  • Noticeable gaps in thecaulking around that flashing

Additionally, chimney leaks via the flashing may occur during the late summer or early fall. Even in the winter, after it snows, chimney tops meltdown the walls. Note that it becomes difficult to notice water damage until it gets penetrated into the roofing.

So, you need to consider opting for regular maintenance services. When it damages the roof flashing, moisture may develop in the attic or ceiling that leads to wood rot or drywall damage.Repair flashing around chimney today if you notice the aforementioned signs.


Repairing the Chimney Flashing: What to Learn?


Leaking chimney flashing may at times get repaired by resealing it with the new caulk or cement. Nonetheless, if flashing gets flared or warped, it might get damaged or worn out.The leaking roof flashing repair team performs the following:

  • Firstly, the chimney flashing &shingles get removed
  • The base flashing gets installed around the chimney’s bottom
  • Pieces of shingles get overlapped &interweaved to redirect the water away from the roof and chimney
  • The back flashing, front flashing, as well as side flashing get installed.
  • Lastly, counter flashing gets installed &caulk gets applied to create a stronger waterproof seal

If your masonry chimney flashing needs to get repaired, you can opt for stucco repair services.


When Can Your Replace Chimney Flashing All by Yourself?

Repairing the flashing with a DIY method is a doable job. However, there are challenges associated with the job. It might take place at a height above 40 feet of the ground. So, it requires astute skill and experience. Before starting the task, it’s better to consider the following parameters:


Considering the Safety Precautions


While accessing the roof, you must require using the extension ladder with a helper to hold it securely at its bottom. As soon as you get on the roof, you must take every step carefully.

While removing the old flashing, attain details to prevent damages. Ensure that you use the sharp objects carefully while inspecting the chimney flashing.

You require the quintessential tools &supplies to repair the flashing correctly. Prevent yourself from damage by wearing protective eyewear, gripping boots, and heavy-duty gloves.


Material &Tools to Consider


Besides having the right tools, you need the correct materials too. Accurate chimney measurements should be a consideration such that the job becomes easier. The bending, cutting, and measuring of the metal must get done before climbing onto the roof for the installation procedure.


Time Considerations

There’s only a limited amount of time a person should work on replacing the chimney flashing. Work must start early and finish off before the afternoon. Note that adhesives and shingles heat up & become more moldable and flexible in the hot weather. That makes it challenging for you to remove them.

Upon removing the shingles removed, remember one thing. The longer the roof goes without roof flashing and shingles as you work on repairs, the more proneit becomes to damage.

Opt for a leaking roof flashing repair team if you think you can’t handle these tasks all by yourself!


Finding ProfessionalsToday


Although this post enlightens you about the DIY method to repair your chimney flashing, always remember one thing. Not every leaking roof flashing repair can get resolved with a DIY method. There will be one point in time when you need professional assistance from an expert. Don’t forget that replacing or repairing the chimney flashing takes a great deal of effort, skills, care, and expertise.

So, if you encounter serious smoke chamber repair issues, it’s better to consult a professional. On this note, your one-stop destination for chimney service is the team of Steve Craig Chimney Services.



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