How Much Does It Cost to Replace Flashing On A Roof?

If you see water stains extending across the ceiling or running down the wall, you may have a leaky roof. Tracking down the leak is tough, especially if you don’t have access to the attic. If you are living in the Snow Belt, you may find leaks arising out of ice dams. A very noteworthy feature of such leaks is that they are visible mostly on warm or sunny days. In warmer areas, there may be several reasons for roof leakage.


A Costly Leaking Roof Flashing Repair


Most often, rain comes in through the areas around the windows, cracks in siding, cracked or missing caulking around window edges, or chimney flashing. If it can penetrate the cracks or gaps in caulking around the chimney flashing, it can work its way behind the flashing.And, get into the house. So, if you find even a hint of stain on the roof you need to call a roof repair service.Since a leaking roof flashing repair can become expensive. Moreover, caulking can be quite deceptive. Even those that look intact may not be offering effective sealing against dirt and water.

Let’s take a look at the types of flashing repair and the cost of such repair.


Replacing Flashing the Vital Facts

Flashing is used along the walls and intersecting the roof. Each section of flashing is designed to channel water over the shingles and downhill. However, if the caulking around it has long worn out and rainwater has damaged the flashing for long, it may have rusted. In that case, your leaking roof flashing repair project may become costly. You need to replace the rusted flashing. That is quite a big project. You need to remove the shingles, pry open the siding, remove the old flashing, and then replace it with new flashing. This involves a lot of work and a pocket pinch.


Estimated Cost of Chimney Flashing Repair

Typically, the cost of replacing a chimney flashing ranges from $300 to $1,500. If you have a large chimney made of stone or brick requiring flank flashing, you may be staring at a higher cost. Since these come with an extensive installation process. Add to it, the fees for a chimney inspection, cleanup, and materials for resealing and protecting the area.

Important points to note when doing the costing are:

  • Flashing around the chimney provides protection to your roof and chimney against water leaks and damage.
  • The cost to replace or repair your chimney’s flashing can vary based on the materials involved. Moreover, the configuration and look of your roof, including the size of the chimney can also affect the cost.
  • Chimney inspection and cleaning of debris will add to the cost as well.

Cost of Flashing Material

If it is a simple leaking roof flashing repair, the cost can average between $200 and $500. However, if there are no options apart from replacing the flashing, the cost can be way higher. Although the required flashing materials depend on the type, format, material, and dimensions, it is needless to say that the cost is high. The cost of a chimney flashing itself ranges from $55 to $139. If you are buying the L-shaped galvanized steel flashing, it may cost somewhat lower. In addition to the flashing, you need pre-cut flashing parts that can cost around $100 or more depending on factors like dimensions and the number of flashing sheets.


Cost of Labor


Labor costs for professional roof repair, which also includes repairing or replacing the flashing around a chimney, average around $75 per hour, by and large. Nevertheless, there may be a large range of average roofing labor costs, dependent on your location. Also, whether you’re in a metropolitan, suburban, or rural area, you could need to pay no more than $25 per hour in certain locations. However, in certain other places any seasoned technicians may charge you up to $100 per hour.



Watermarks on the roof can be a signal of roof leakage. As soon as you see them, you need to call an experienced roof repair service. If you are neglecting it, you may have to pay the price with a costly flashing replacement. One smart way you can follow to try and reduce the cost of replacing your chimney flashing is to get an annual chimney inspection. The inspection technician can spot problems before they need costly repairs. Hiring a professional chimney service provider, to perform a visual chimney inspection will cost from $100 to $600 in the least. If you have a single chimney without showing an apparent damage, you should expect to pay on an average from $100 to $300.Having said that, a little complex chimney structure with noticeable damage, that masks the inspector’s line of sight will cost a great deal more.



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